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Why do Straight Men on Dating Apps Just Want Women Who Don't Take Themselves Too Seriously?

Flicking through endless, unoriginal, dating profile personality bumf gives me a sensation akin to the second-hand anxiety of watching bad stand-up comedy. And there’s one particular cliché I keep coming across that I think (as a matter of national emergency) we must acknowledge… Why do so many of men just want someone “who doesn’t take herself too seriously?”

How to App Date Without Losing Your Mind

Tinder, Bumble and Hinge – AKA the trifecta of terror. Dating has never been weirder. Hundreds of virtual encounters are just a swipe away, but what happens when you actually meet? Whether you’re gunning for something casual or a full-time bae, app dating can feel like navigating a whirlpool of hot trash…

Is social media making us lonely?

When it comes to the elderly, loneliness is taken seriously. It’s a silent killer, an epidemic; charities and initiatives dedicated to combating it have sprung up all over the world, and rightly so. Why then as a society are we so reluctant to admit that loneliness is prolific amongst the younger generations too?


Dry January, Veganuary, January diets… As the Monday of the year draws to an end, plenty are looking forward to easing off on the self-restriction in February. And yet, one friend of the mag has a diet of a different kind planned… a social media cleanse.

10 Things to Help You Feel Better

Everyone has those days where everything feels rubbish. Getting out of bed is hard, getting out of your pyjamas is hard and so is just about everything else that could possibly be labelled as productive – from talking to other humans, right down to basic bodily hygiene (it’s gross, but we’ve all been there). To help on those grey days, Harpy has made a little list to get you through.